Friday, March 7, 2008

Tag Thingy

Here's a Tag my friend invited me to do. I usually don't do these things, but enjoy reading others. However, I'm sick and I REALLY don't feel like cleaning. We've been home one day, and it's amazing how messy our house can get without me constantly picking up after Tralee, Corky, and Jim. Jim cooked for me all day yesterday and helped keep Tralee occupied so I could sleep off my 100 degree fever. Anyways, after finally getting out of bed, I came downstairs to a disaster. Oh well. The plus side is my fever is gone, and I feel a little better. I just don't feel quite well enough to tackle the mess my family created (I'm just putting it off). Anyways, instead of cleaning I thought I would do this tag, it's a nice way to put off the inevitable.

Whoever feels compelled to do this tag, GO FOR IT!! Just copy and paste it in your own blog, delete my answers, then answer away.

10 years ago I was: Thinking I was a hot stuff 16-year-old. You know those groups of teenagers that think they're SO funny and cute, but really they're just annoying all the adults in the room -- yay, I was pretty much the ring leader of that group. I did have fun though. My friends and I did some crazy, goofy things. I was also super boy crazy, and had numerous crushes.

5 things on my to do list for today:
1. Clean
2. Give Tralee a bath
3. Scrub and sanitize the carpet where Corky puked (this kind of goes with # 1)
4. Figure out what to do for Jim's birthday tomorrow
5. Decide if I'm well enough to go to our Bowling League

4 things I would do if I became a billionaire:
1. Pay off all ours and our families' debt
2. Travel
3. Open a fun craft/antique store (I would have others run it, but do the fun things like order stuff for the store when I feel like it.)
4. Hire a personal chef and personal trainer to cook healthy yet tasty meals for me, and whip my butt into shape. If that didn't work, than I would get a boob job and tummy tuck (having Tralee wreaked havoc on my body)

3 bad habits:
1. Procrastinating
2. Not thinking before I speak
3. Getting to places late (Jim HATES being late!!! HATES IT!! He'll let me know if we're behind on time, believe me!!!)

5-10 places I have lived:
Milan, TN
Fox Point, WI
Mequon, WI
Logan, UT
Smithfield, UT
Richmond, UT
Caldwell, ID

5 jobs I have had:
1. Babysitter
2. Sales Associate at Boston Store
3. Caterer
4. Telemarketer
5. Personal Gardener
6. Customer Service/Up Front Manager at Kmart
7. Assistant Store Manager at Boise Art Museum

6 things most people don't know about me:
1. I sleep with my feet out of the covers -- can't stand to have them under them, but I want by body covered.
2. I love those really unhealthy animal crackers with the pink and white frosting and sprinkles, I NEVER buy them because I'll eat the whole bag!
3. I'm a lot like Walter from The Secret Life of Walter Smitty by James Thurber and constantly have a more exciting version of my life happening in my head. Someday I should write some of the scenerios/stories going on in my head. I bet people would find them entertaining to say the least!
4. I secretly and sheepishly buy lottery tickets if the powerball goes above 100 million -- don't judge me, I could really use 100 million bucks!
5. When I was little I used to put on a Beatles tape (before CDs) my parents had and dance around our living room to the entire tape
6. I've been to Disney World 11 times, and would keep going back every year if I could.

So I tag: Whoever feels like responding


amy said...

sorry you feel yucky sick. i didn't know you were ALWAYS late as well. your poor dad! that is one thing that drives me nuts about Jim. i haven't 'fixed' him yet on it -- i think it's forever broken. and, i don't always sleep with my feet outside of the covers, but they definitely cannot be constrained under the covers.

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Thanks for humoring me;) And I would LOVE to hear about your exciting life that is going on in your head...Start blogging those! Sorry you have been sick - we were so there last week. And it lasts forever!