Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Poem from Jim

So, I'm a horrible wife and didn't do anything to celebrate our first kiss, except post about it on my blog. I did give Jim lots of kisses though. So, hopefully that will be enough.

When Jim got home from work he handed me a little card. There was a picture of a leprechaun mooning me on the front of it, then you opened it up and it said, "top of the moonin' to ya!" Then, as Jim always does in cards, he wrote me a poem. It said,

"clovers and green!
Some berries are blue!
Do you remember the 1st day
That I kissed you?

I love you baby nose!!



So cute!

Jim watched Tralee last night so I could go work out. We both fell off the bandwagon (work-out wise) when we got sick. Now we're starting up again. I haven't weighed myself lately, because I don't want to know what happened when I stopped working out. I also didn't really watch what I ate while I was sick, because I just didn't care. Well. . . I care again. I've been eating healthy (since yesterday) and I plan to workout at least three times a week. So. . . hopefully Jim and I can both stay healthy so we can get bathing suit bods for summer.

That's all I have to say about that.

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