Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Birthday Card

Jim got a birthday card from his mother, that sings the song "Shout" when you open it. Tralee likes to open and close the card and hear the song play. Almost every time the card opens Tralee starts dancing. It's really cute. I got a bit of it on film, but you know kids never do things EXACTLY they way they do them when a camera's not in their face. Anyways, you get the jist of it, and it's pretty cute!

I'll also post a few pictures from Jim's lame-o birthday. We were all sick, and I never even got around to making him a cake. So, at around 6:00pm Jim says, "Oh well, it's already six and I guess I won't get a birthday cake." I felt so guilty that I drove to Walmart and picked him up a frozen cheesecake. I promised him that when we're all feeling better (hopefully by this weekend) I'll make him a wonderful birthday cake, and we'll go out and do something fun. Poor guy.

The other sucky thing that happened on Jim's birthday is Tralee fell out of a Costco shopping cart! After spending the morning on the couch coughing, sneezing, and feeling sick, Jim and I decided we should at least TRY and do something for his birthday. So, we went out for pizza, and decided to stop by Costco and walk around. Tralee doesn't sit really well strapped in, in the front of carts, and she usually squirms her way out of the restraint. So, I thought I could but her in the main part of the cart, where she could stand. I've done this several times before, but I don't think I'll ever do it again. We were slowly walking down an isle, Jim was up by Tralee, and I was watching her as I pushed the cart. I don't really understand how it happened, and it happened SO fast, but all of a sudden I see Tralee falling out of the cart! Jim and I both reached for her, but she tumbled out, did a summer-salt mid air, and landed on her back. I think an angel must have given her a soft landing, because for her height it was a long fall onto a hard cement surface. Miraculously Tralee was okay. She cried, but no damage was done, except for my ego. I felt like the worst must stupid mother in the world! At least Tralee is fine, and we're thankful she landed how she did, and not on her head.

We're all still feeling pretty crappy. I think I might be getting better, but I still can't sleep at night. I'm pretty tired. I have no urge to do anything but lay around and drink liquids. I started getting flu symptoms yesterday, but I won't go into the details of that, because it's not pretty. I just hope this sick thing is winding down. I'm ready to be healthy again. I did manage to clean a bit yesterday, because our house was getting frightening. Now it's just mildly dirty. Oh well. I hope the next time I write I'll be feeling 100% again.


Meagan said...

I am so sorry that you have been sick. It is so hard to do the things you want to do. Also, you are not a bad mom, you just underestimated Tralee. I left a knife in the middle of the table the other day only to find Brooklyn had climbed onto the chair and was reaching for it. Get better soon!

MattJulieGavin said...

how sad you've all been so sick. i'm sorry. but i do love hearing about you and your adorable little family! tralee is so dang cute! don't worry you're not a stupid mom, we all have those moments. feel better soon!