Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tralee and Her Doggy

Tralee has really shown a lot of affection for Corky lately. The first thing Tralee does in the morning or after a nap is find her doggy and lay her head down on her. It's rather sweet, but Jim and I wonder why snuggling must be done with her fuzzy friend, and not her parents. She will snuggle us on occasion, but when we tell Tralee, "Give Doggy a hug" she'll do so with ease. When we ask for a hug she's not so eager. Interesting. However dismayed Jim and I might be by the fact that our dog gets more affection from Tralee than we do, we still think it's adorable every time Tralee lays her little head on Corky's body and coos.

Tralee has also doubled her walking capabilities since yesterday. Almost every time she stands up by herself and we ask her to come to us, she takes a few cute little steps and collapses into our arms. We then give her tons of hugs, kisses, and praise. I can't believe she's starting to walk!!!! Just a few days ago she was learning to stand. CRAZY CRAZY!!!

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