Saturday, February 2, 2008

American Girl Canadian Boy

Jim took the camera when he left to go snowboarding this afternoon, so I don't have any new pictures to post. That's one big difference about Jim and I. The weather outside is snowy and windy. I would rather be inside sipping hot chocolate and watching a good movie, and Jim would rather be playing in the yucky weather. In fact, yesterday he went ice fishing! Anyways, Jim seems to handle the cold weather fairly well, while I tend to cry like a baby if I'm too cold. That's not the only difference between my Canadian husband and myself, so I thought I would post a poem I wrote a while ago about our differences. I don't really have anything new to post anyways. I still feel like it needs some work, as I do with EVERYTHING I write, but it's just for fun, so enjoy!

Canadian Boy & USA Girl

He never placed his hand
against his breast
and repeated the anthem
that makes America blest

Instead he sang
about his native home
a wintery place
where mounties roam

She never fashioned
a toque to her head
or plugged in her car
to put it to bed

These things were
foreign to this poor lass
until she met a boy
with a Canadian past

And so he and she met
and started dating
but not without finding
a few things agitating

She thought him odd
for ending his phrases with “eh”
and standing guard for a symbol
that could blow away

He thought her mad
for never tasting a Wonderbar
and for not understanding what
Kilometers and Celsius are

And onward they argued
over what sport is the best
“Football!” she cried out
“No, Hockey!” he argued in jest

He rolled his eyes when she asked
“Can we put the heat on please?”
While he wore a t-shirt and shorts
in -40 degrees

He wished for Nanaimo bars
when it was brownies she bought
She wished to be called his “sweetheart”
But it was “Hey Hoser” she got.

And onward it went
and onward it goes
because Ms. America said “yes”
When the Canadian proposed

Now several years later
they’re still butting heads
He wants her to say “grade two”
But she says “second grade” instead

Whenever they snuggle
and watch some T.V
the boy mentions “Pam Anderson is Canadian
as well as Jim Carrey.”

The girl just rolls her eyes and
ignores his pride
Even as he jumps at the Lebatt Blue ad
and pushes her aside

She knows he will never think
the US is better
and she will never reside
where everyday you must wear a sweater

But don’t get me wrong
she loves the Great White North
it’s where her man is from
So it gotta be great, of course.

And he would never trade her
for a Canadian girl
For her he would even
Give US traditions a whirl

They’ve made peace with their differences
and moved on ahead
Their love is greater than places
at least that’s what they’ve said


Richie said...

Adorable, Leslie! You're quite the writer!

Boom said...

Nice job with the poetry Leslie! Keep it up! Love Your Mommy!