Wednesday, February 6, 2008


So, we joined the YMCA! So far we've used it everyday we've been a member. Day one (Monday) Tralee and I took advantage of their awesome indoor pool area. They have a "beach" area that has a nice padded floor, it has fountains, water splish-splashy things and the water gradually gets deeper. There are also two fun slides, a lazy river, lap pool, recreational pool, and spa. Tralee and I had fun in the beach area, and recreational pool. Tralee LOVES the water. She starts crawling and goes deeper and deeper until Mommy has to rescue her, or she would drown. She's not afraid at all. When I took her into the deeper water, she kept squirming and wanting to be on her own. Eventually I let her lay back on my shoulder -- belly up -- and as I walked around she just chilled. It was pretty cute. I wonder if being in water reminded her of being in my belly. Do you think she can still remember that? Anyways, the water was 85 degrees, so it was super nice! We really enjoyed ourselves.

Tuesday morning Jim got up and went to the Y to work out. I went this morning. I did the elliptical machine and several weight lifting machines. It felt good, but I got winded pretty quick. I need to make sure I work out at LEAST every other day so I can get back into shape. Before the winter weather I would go on two-mile walks everyday with Tralee and Corky, then come home and do sit-ups. But, I've slacked on working out once it got too cold to go outside with Tralee, so now I have no excuse! I'm so happy we belong to the Y, and I can't wait to get back into shape! I'm also glad Tralee and I have a fun place to go play when we get bored at home.


Meagan said...

Hooray for the pool! I too am sick of being stuck inside. A couple of weeks ago, some friends and I took our kids to a pool like that. It was so fun! Sounds like Tralee will be a great swimmer!

amy said...

that's one awesome YMCA pool. i doubt we have anything around here like that. i can see that Tralee is trying to dive in the shallow end in that last pic...the lifeguard's going to kick her out! ha, ha!

Leslie said...

We got yelled at today for going in the lazy river, when it wasn't open. So now the lifeguard has another reason to kick us out! We actually weren't yelled at, just told that it wasn't open right now. I know I shouldn't have been, but I was still embarrassed. Why?