Friday, February 29, 2008

It was Bound to Happen Sooner or Later

Tralee got her first goose-egg yesterday. I was babysitting Jim's Aunt's kids for the day, and Tralee tripped over something and went head first into their solid wood desk. Luckily there were no sharp corners involved, just a big hunk of wood. Tralee cried for a good three or four minutes while I watched the goose-egg grow on her forehead. I felt so bad, but besides getting a bump on her head she seemed fine. We "yelled" at the desk. For some reason, whenever Tralee gets hurt, she doesn't want to be snuggled and comforted -- she'll just push you away -- but if you point your finger at the thing she bumped into and scold it, she'll stop crying. So, after I scolded the desk for doing such a naughty thing as to let Tralee bonk her head on it, Tralee calmed down and scolded the desk herself. She gave it quite a mouthful while waving her finger at it. It was pretty cute. I don't know if this is a good thing we do when she gets hurt, but it seems to make her feel better, and is the only thing, besides waiting it out, that will get her to stop crying.

I tried to get a picture of Tralee's first huge bump on her head, but the swelling has gone down considerably since yesterday. I took some pictures of Tralee eating a nectarine this morning, so maybe you can see a bit of the bruise on her forehead. It was pretty cute, I was cutting up the nectarine to add to her yogurt, but she wanted nothing to do with the yogurt and kept pointing to the nectarine on the counter, so I gave in a let her have it. She dug right in!! I was worried she might bite off too much and choke, but she was fine. When she had enough, she dropped the nectarine to the floor. What a funny girl!

Here's a few pictures of the rest of the clan I took within the last few days:


Mary Ann Carlile said...

Your posts are fun! Tori does the same thing when she gets hurt - she won't let us snuggle her and pushes us away. Maybe we should try the scolding trick next! Wish we lived closer - wouldn't it be fun to have playdates?!

Meagan said...

My sister-in-law does that with her four, almost five, year old. It works really well. I think it lets them know that it was an accident and also takes their mind off of being hurt and embarassed.