Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Cardboard Box = A Night of Fun!

So, Jim brought home a large cardboard box from work last night. It provided the entire family with a night of fun. Jim cut out a window and "skylight" for Tralee. Then we climbed inside and popped our heads out to surprise whoever wasn't in the box by yelling "Peek-a-boo!" Tralee got a kick out of this, whether she was the one doing it, or watching it. We also took our turns inside the box, and later we whipped out the crayons and drew all over it. Tralee was amused and enthralled for a good hour or two. How smart was Jim to bring the box home?

The down side is, it pretty much takes up our whole living room, so the box will have to leave us soon. But fun was had by all while it was here.

Just so you know, Tralee had some strawberries with dinner, so the red stuff around her neckline is strawberry juice.

Tralee loves Elmo! So, yesterday I found a little stuffed Elmo doll at a thrift store. It was new and still had the original tags on it and it was only a dollar, so I got it for her. Tralee seems to really like it. Every time I ask, "Where's Elmo?" She'll crawl around until she finds it, and then bring it over to me. It's pretty cute. She also likes giving Elmo kisses. Tralee hardly gives Jim and I kisses, but she'll kiss Corky our Pug, and all off her stuffies like there's no tomorrow! What's with that?

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*Abby* said...

Ellee has an Elmo that she loves too... and same thing with the kisses... she'll kiss the dogs and stuffed animals like crazy... but none for Devn or me! How frustrating! She is getting so big I can't believe I haven't even met her yet!