Tuesday, January 15, 2008

American Idol

So, American Idol has started again. We're fans of the show in this household. After I had Tralee last year, and was sitting in our hospital room American Idol Auditions were on. When we watched them tonight it took me back. I remember as if it were yesterday, sitting in the hospital room in a gown the nurse gave me, with my snuggly little girl wrapped up in a blanket in her bassinet. Then Jim came into the room, picked up his daughter, and snuggled on his bed with her while we all watched American Idol. We were a happy little family.

Tonight, when the auditions were on, Tralee got into it too. After every time someone sang, Tralee would clap her hands in encouragement. It was really sweet. What Jim and I found interesting was the fact that whether the singer was horrible or amazing, Tralee would clap for them. She's such a sweet innocent little girl. She doesn't know the difference between stinky singers or good ones, if someone is singing, she thinks it's for her entertainment and she appreciates it, so she claps for them.

Jim and Tralee are now on the couch snuggling again. Tralee's cooing in her sleep and Jim's loving every minute of it!

Today I went out with Carey Thomas, Jim's cousin's wife. We ate lunch, shopped, and had fun. Tralee DID NOT like riding in the car with people she didn't know all that well. Every time we rode around with Carey and her two daughters Tralee SCREAMED and cried. She cried so hard at one point that she threw-up. I felt so bad! Then, as soon as Tralee and I drove home and it was just us in the car she was as happy as can be. She was also happy riding in the car on the way to meet Carey and her girls. It's weird that Tralee didn't like riding with them, she was also fine as we were shopping and eating. What a funny little girl!

That's all for the day.

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Mary Ann Carlile said...

I hear ya on American Idol! Although I kinda wait until it is down to the top 15 or so to start watching. (It is so hard to donate 3 nights a week to AI!)