Saturday, January 12, 2008

Big Beautiful House

So, the cabinet business has been REALLY lucrative lately, so Jim and I decided to purchase a nice beautiful house that overlooks down-town Boise. It should only cost us somewhere in the millions, so we think we're getting an AWESOME deal! I went to tour our future home yesterday with Jim. I was pleased to see that it had a swimming pool, built-ins and woodwork EVERYWHERE, high end EVERYTHING, a theater room, high ceilings, several decks, fountains inside and out, nice THICK beautiful granite on ALL the counter-tops, an elevator, two garages, and walk-in closets in every bedroom.
The kitchen is my favorite room. The appliances haven't been put in yet, but we'll have a chef grade stove and oven with 20 thousand BTUs. There's a faucet above the stove for filling my pots and pans up with ease. Pull out spice racks on either side and top and bottom of the oven/stove, and there's also two other sinks in the kitchen to make food prep and clean-up really easy. The fridge will also be HUGE, and I'll have an easy time cleaning up with two dishwashers. The paint work throughout the house is AMAZING! In the dining room there's a paint finish that Jim said is done with a putty. It looks really coppery and rustic. It's quiet nice. There's an entertainment area on the third floor with a bar, and it overlooks downstairs. The master bed room has a huge double shower area that Jim and Tralee modeled for me. In the picture that's only one side of the shower. There's every kind of faucet on each side. Then there's a drying off/warming light area that leads you into the walk-in closet. There's also a nice big tub in the master bath, his and hers sinks, a beautiful view of down-town, and his and hers potty areas. I feel the need to mention that every bedroom has its own bath room with a large tub and shower area as well. So our guests should be quiet comfortable. In the family room that's just off the kitchen there's a nice tall ceiling that has finished wooden beams scribed into the ceiling. Jim said it took the workers four weeks to complete this look. I think it was well worth it. There are so many high-end features in our future home (including a shower/changing area before you get to the pool), that I don't think I could name them all. You'll just have to come visit us in our new house. We'll probably be able to move in in about hmmm. . . . a few thousand years. Hope you can make it to our open house! Until then I hope you enjoyed the pictures of this amazing speck home Jim did cabinet work for. It's a beautiful house and there are upgrades through-out. I went to look at it yesterday while Jim was working on the cabinets. I don't think I would ever want a house like this. Don't get me wrong, if someone handed me the keys and said, "it's yours." I wouldn't complain. But, when I'm able to choose my dream house, it won't be one like this. There are parts of this home that I REALLY like, like the kitchen, but overall, it's just not for me. I'm sure whoever ends up buying this spec home will be very happy. It would make a GREAT entertainment house. So if there are rich people around here who like to throw parties, this is the house for them!

Here's a front-view picture of the home. And here's a photo of the view from the master bedroom.

Do you like this picture? It's a fake "Tralee and Jim are just walking up the stairs" picture. I really told them to "STOP! I'm going to take your picture!!! Just act natural!"

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Jim said...

We just packed up all our things and will be moving in with you. Hope you don't mind. Be there in three hours.