Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Few Things

Tralee is growing up! She's is now standing by herself, and wanting to! Before we would get her to stand, and she would sit down right away, now she balances herself on furniture, me, Jim, or something else and lets go. She uses her arms to help her stay balanced and she is SO proud of herself. It's really cute! We give her lots of praise when she decides to practice standing. One thing I've learned about Tralee's personality is that she WILL NOT do something if she doesn't want to. If we try to get her to stand and she's not in the mood, she goes limp and WILL NOT straighten her legs. If she wants to stand, she's all for it, usually it has to be HER idea, not mine. She's so independent!

Tralee has been grooving to the beat a lot more lately too. Almost any song will set her off, she also claps when the song is over. If I pick her up and we dance around the room together, and I stop for some reason, Tralee will start grooving in my arms until I start dancing again. In this video she sees her reflection in the fireplace window thing, and gets so excited about it her arms begin to flap. It's adorable!

Another thing Tralee's been doing to playing peek-a-boo. Usually it was me who hid behind the blanket and popped out and shouted "peek-a-boo!" Now Tralee lifts the blanket over her head, waits for me to say, "Where's Tralee?" then she pulls the blanket away from her face and I say, "peak-a-boo!" Then Tralee starts laughing and does it again. She will also duck behind or under furniture and leap up to play peek-a-boo. It's really cute!

Tralee is also walking like Mogli from the Jungle Book, she goes into the position as pictured, and walks in this tri-pody way. I think after she masters standing, she'll be taking her first steps VERY soon.
Tralee has also discovered how fun it is to chase Corky around and bug her. Corky has put up with a lot lately. Tralee loves to poke at Corky's eyes, pull on her tail, pinch her nose, point at her head, and smack her body. When Corky climbs up in our laps and seems to get REALLY comfy, Tralee decides it's the perfect time to crawl up to her doggy and smack her across the face. I think Tralee believes she's just having fun with Corky, but the poor dog can't really relax these days. The video showcases Tralee bugging Corky. She's pulling on her paws and tail, and Corky doesn't really love it. Don't worry, it looks like Corky is nipping at Tralee's fingers, but they were playing like this for a while, it was a game. Corky is VERY gentle with Tralee, and Tralee LOVED it and laughed when her fingers were in Corky's mouth. You'll see. . .


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Jim said...

The animal torture gene comes from Jim. Cute video.