Monday, January 14, 2008

Playing Games

First of all, last night Jim and I played cribbage again. It's so addicting. I don't know why I keep playing though, I always lose. I know I said I could kick Jim's butt any day of the week at cribbage, but the truth is, as hard as a try, and as good as my cards are, Jim's cards are ALWAYS better. I think the cribbage gods are looking over Jim's shoulder and helping him out in a big way. One time I finally thought I had a great hand with fourteen points, then Jim had sixteen! Last night we were playing again and Jim gets this hand! FOUR FIVES! And the card that came up was a ten. Are you kidding me? How am I supposed win when Jim gets that kind of hand. The sad part is, I keep coming back for more beatings. He's skunked me four times now! I've only won one set once! How sad is that? Anywho, we weren't even sure how to count Jim's hand, so we had to call our cribbage consultant in Canada -- Grammy Jacobs. She told him it was a 28 point hand. Then he had to call his Dad and brag about it some more. What a hoser! Oh well. I'll probably want to play crib again tonight. I must have some sort of mental disorder to want to play again, when it's next to impossible for me to win against Jim.

Today I decided to let Tralee play with snow. She's too young to actually play in it, so I went outside and got a bowl full of snow. It was so funny to watch her reaction. At first she would touch it and pull her hand away really fast, and then smile at me. Then I gave her a golf ball, and she started putting the golf ball into the snow. She loved this! As long as there was a barrier between her and the snow, she had a lot of fun playing with it. She kept touching the golf ball to it. Eventually she got braver and put her hands in it a few times. Then Tralee would pick up the bowl and tip it upside down. Some of the snow would fall out, and what was really entertaining was watching Tralee pick up the snow that fell, and put it back into the bowl. She's so smart! We had fun with the snow, then like it does, it melted and we threw it down the kitchen sink. Tralee wasn't all that sad about it, as she quickly found something else to amuse her.

I don't know if you do, but I believe in an afterlife and a pre-life. I believe in family members who have passed that are watching over us, and I believe that they can see us, help us, and visit us. Anyways, with that in mind I watched Tralee do something rather peculiar today. We were in my bedroom, sitting on the bed and all of a sudden Tralee sat up and pointed at the ceiling. Then she started laughing hysterically and moving her head back and forth as if she was watching something move from side to side. All the while, her eyes were upward. Then she fell back and laughed some more and pointed again towards our ceiling. Then, just like nothing had happened she turned towards me and did the sign for milk. So I fed her. That was it. She's never done that before, like laugh at nothing. Maybe you could argue that there was a reflection or memory that made her laugh. But, I don't think it was. Part of me wonders if some relative that has either passed on or one that hasn't been born yet came down to play with Tralee for a minute. Who knows? It was just an interesting moment. Maybe someday I'll have the answer.

That's all folks!

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