Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Snowy Snowy Day

There's really not a lot of snow in Boise, and if it does snow it usually melts the same day it falls. We woke up yesterday morning with a blanket of snow on the ground, and we fully expected it to melt by the afternoon. It didn't! In fact, the snow kept falling all day long! Tralee is not quite old enough to enjoy it, she doesn't even like to touch the frosty flakes. However, Corky had so much fun frolicking in the fluff! Corky kept scratching at the door to go out and play all day long. Jim made and threw snow balls for her throughout the day. It was hilarious to watch Corky try to find the snowball her Daddy JUST threw. She doesn't understand that the balls of snow fall apart, she just keeps digging and stuffing her face down in search of the balls. What's even more hilarious is watching Corky frolic like Thumper through the snow. I tried to capture some pictures of it. She bounds like mighty dog up and over the snow that's as tall as she is. We were all laughing as we watched her enjoy the snow. I tried to capture some photos of it, but I don't think you'll ever appreciate it, unless you watch Corky pounce through the snow.

This is my favorite picture of Corky from yesterday. She looks like she's flying! MIGHTY DOG!!!
This is so you can see how deep the snow is, Corky is almost buried as she stuffs her nose in the snow to look for the snowball.
Here's a picture of Tralee from yesterday. For all you who need your "Tralee Fix" for the day and won't be satisfied with JUST pictures of Corky (Grandma Charlene).


amy said...

i bet it was a blast watching Corky play around in the snow!! pets can be so much fun!! and, regarding the post above, i'd never pick up a hitch hiker, and i would probably freak out if Jim did (the looming possible danger)...anyways, though, it's good to remember to keep the spirit of service in our lives and to not judge so quickly those we see in 'distress' (homeless, hitch hiker, etc.)

Lauren said...

oh my goodness, those pictures of Corky in the snow are hilarious!! She totally looks like she's flying. Remember Shasta? I miss her :-( And I miss Mocha and Ember! We had to put Mocha down a year ago and it's so sad not to have a dog anymore!