Monday, January 7, 2008

Zerberts and Other Things

We captured a few pictures and a video of Tralee getting zerberts from her Mommy and Daddy. We were changing her into her PJ's and couldn't resist giving zerberts to her bare tummy. It was too cute!

We also finally put together Tralee's high chair. She loves it, and I can't beleive we didn't put it together sooner. It's nice to have her in there and focus on eating food. She's been a great little eater!

Here is Tralee trying out her Daddy's Medicus Driver. She's going to be a GREAT golfer!

Jim wanted me to post this crib game. He thinks it's SOOOO funny that he beat my by this much. The truth is, we were playing after midnight and I was SO tired I honestly didn't care or know what was happening. I remember at one point laughing hysterically over something that wasn't very funny at all. I was just SO tired. Jim thinks he's so awesome for beating me this bad, the truth is I could kick his BUTT at Cribbage any day of the week! That's right I said it! So there!!

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Jim said...

Love the video :D