Sunday, January 27, 2008

We're Not Dead!

My mom always worries about us if she can't get a hold of us for a few days. Sometimes we don't hear our phone ringing, so she'll leave a message, and if we don't return her call within 24 hours we'll get another message that goes something like this:

"Where are you guys? You know how I worry!!! I'm picturing you dead on the side of the road, in a ditch! I'm so worried, will you give me a call please so I don't have to worry anymore!!!"

Did I mention my mother is a bit of a hypochondriac? I love her to bits though. Without her "ways" I wouldn't have anything to tease her about, because she's a pretty wonderful mother.

Anyways, I've been MIA for a few days, because we were watching Jim's Uncle's kids for the weekend. Not a bad gig, the kids were pretty well behaved. There were only a few "meltdowns" which usually occurred when we made them turn off their video games or the tv to do chores or do something else they didn't want to. Other than that it we had a lot of fun with them. They're good kids. Tralee even warmed up to them after a few days. Jim and I brought our pop-up tent which was a big hit! They youngest kids loved to roll around and play in it, and Tralee REALLY loved to be in the tent with them. She crawled around and laughed the whole time, it was really cute!

Now we're getting back in the groove of things. I went visiting teaching this morning. The roads/weather were REALLY bad, but I thought I would be okay since I was visiting teaching. I was, and I made it home in time to see Tralee take her first steps!!!!! Tralee was playing with her favorite ball, and as she tried to hand it to me she took two little steps. We wondered if this was just a fluke or if she could do it again, so we held the ball just of reach of Tralee and she took another few steps to get to it. Jim and I were so proud! She's not full on "walking" but she's getting closer!! YAY!!! What a sweet smart baby girl!

So there ya go!

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Boom said...

I'm so proud of my baby girl too!