Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Photo Plop May 2014

Here is another addition of iphone photo plop!  Just some random pictures from my phone that don't really fit into any other category or post!  I think most of these pictures are from the month of May.


Hunter being an undie-clad power ranger.  Fierce I know!

Tralee had a birthday party at Build-a-Bear and was so excited for it!  She picked out her outfit, requested I curl her hair, and packed a little purse full of trinkets.  It was the cutest thing!  She had a blast at the party, and I had a blast watching her get ready for it.    

While Tralee was at the above-mentioned party, Hunter and I looked for something to do together.  We noticed a sign that said, "PUPPIES" so we decided that holding puppies was a perfectly good way to spend our Saturday while Tralee was away.

The cuteness is just too much!

A few weeks ago I took the kids to their favorite restaurant, Panda Express.  I happen to really really NOT like americanized Chinese food, but my whole family loves it, so I go and watch them eat.  On this particular occasion, Tralee was teasing Hunter and telling him she planned to eat all of the fortune cookies.  He didn't appreciate that one bit.  So naturally, I snapped a picture of his expression before I reassured him that he too would get another fortune cookie. 

When we pulled into our sub-division one night, Hunter popped his head out of the sunroof, and danced to the music that was playing in our car.  Don't worry all you grandmothers that read this blog, we were going less than five MPH, there were no other cars around, and he did it for less than a block.  

My own little Super Man at the park.

I put the kids in charge of decorating our fruit pizza a few weeks ago.  They fought a bit doing it (too many cooks), but in the end, it turned out lovely and delicious.

My girl swinging at the park.

When Jim's away, the kids and I have sleepovers in my bed.  I love when I wake up to images like this.  Melts my mommy heart.

Tralee asked me if she could make sweaters for her and Hunter's stuffies out of socks.  I told her yes.  This is what I found sitting on the counter later.

She even cut out a hole for Blue's tail, clever girl!

That concludes this round of Photo Plop.  Have a great day!

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