Saturday, June 7, 2014

Pre-School Graduate

Hunter's pre-school graduation was a few weeks ago.  His teacher has been amazing, and Hunter has learned so much this year.

His graduation was a little get-together with all the children and their families.  The kids favorite pre-school snacks were served, they played for a bit, and then we all watched a cute video the pre-schoolers made about what they've been learning this year.  After the video Miss Heidi, their teacher, brought each child up to hand them their graduation certificate, a prize, and tell a little bit about what each child contributed to the class, and what their strengths and talents are. 

Hunter was known as the little jokester, always making people laugh (sounds just like his dad).  He was  also known to be the Angry Birds enthusiast, and worked really hard throughout the year.  He progressed really well, and is totally ready for kindergarten.

After his graduation, we biked home together and counted the day for summer to officially begin!

Pics below:

Waiting for the program to start

Hunter and his preschool buddies

They looked so enthralled, don't they?

Hunter being talked about

Getting his certificate and prize

Hunter's new bike he got for his pre-school graduation gift


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