Sunday, June 8, 2014

Father and Sons and Girls' Night Out

Last weekend Jim and Hunter left for a father/son campout, so Tralee and I decided to have a girls' night out!  Maleficent the movie came out Friday night, so we invited some friends along, and made a night of it.

Hunter and Jim being tough boys on their way to camp
We started the night off getting picked up by our friend who had a vehicle big enough for all seven of us ladies going out, and headed out to Noodles and Company for some delicious food.  After dinner, we went to the dollar store to pick out some candy to sneak into the theater.  Then we played at The Village for a while before Maleficent began.

All of the princesses, and my Maleficent.  Because she never plays in them, we just got rid of all of Tralee's dress-ups.  She was fine with it though, and put together an outfit that she thought looked most like Maleficent.  Then she requested that her hair be put in pig-tails because they look like horns, and while we were at the dollar store she picked out a black head-band to finish off her look.  It was really fun to see all these little girls run around playing together.

All the girls and Sheena right before the movie.  Tralee's posing like Maleficent.

Waiting for the movie to begin

I like this picture

A lady that came to the movie dressed up as Maleficent.  The girls all thought it was the coolest thing.  Christy had to get in the photo though, otherwise her little darling wouldn't stand by Maleficent.  It was a bit too scary.
 After the movie the moms all sat and chatted while our princess beasties watched the fountain show, played at the playground, and ran around.

All our princesses making a wish

 When Tralee and I came home, we attempted to paint our nails before Tralee fell asleep, but as I was gathering all of the supplies Tralee dozed off on the couch.  First thing Saturday morning Tralee woke me up by saying, "Mom, we have to finish girls' night!  Let's go paint our nails!"  So, before we did anything else, Tralee and I put on a movie and painted our nails.  Later on Saturday we met with a group of women at The Village to have lunch and celebrate a fellow mommy friend's birthday.  

Meanwhile, Jim and Hunter were having a blast fishing with their buddies.

Around dinner time our family reunited and we all shared our weekend activities with each other.  Everyone had a blast, but we were so happy to be together again.   

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agravette said...

It sounds like you all had an awesome weekend! We haven't made it to see Malificent yet, but hopefully that's in our plans later this week. I loved the photos...thanks for sharing!