Saturday, June 28, 2014

Capital Classic

A few Saturdays ago Tralee ran in her first event, the Capital Classic.  The run was for children 6 to 14, and it was a mile-long course from the Boise Depot to the Capital Building.  The streets were blocked off, and the kids ran right down Capital Blvd.  Tralee was so excited.  

Tralee paired up with our neighbor, Cami to run together.  Sheena, Cami's mom, and I put bright blue bows/flowers in our girls' hair so we could see them easily during the race.  I joked that watching Tralee and Cami run together was like watching David and Goliath.  Tralee is a full year old than Cami and is off-the-charts tall.  Cami is off-the-charts small for her age, so they're fun to see stand next to each other, and run together!  Cami probably has to take three steps to every one of Tralee's!   

After we dropped the girls off at the Depot, we had an hour or so to kill before the race began.  The rest of our group drove downtown toward the capital building, and walked around the Saturday market together.  We saw some funny things down there.  Like this:

Corky would never stand for this!

A picture of the capital building I took.  Jim's grandpa used to work here as Federal Judge.

The bell was just too tantalizing.  Hunter HAD to try and ring it.

Hunter and his friend (future bride. . . maybe) Allie waiting for the race to begin.  They were both too young to run this year.

Star Wars characters were waiting at the finish line to cheer/welcome the runners.  They let all the boys run first (last year it was the girls), and then we waited or our little girls to cross the finish line.  It was so exciting to hear everyone cheering, and watch the kids cross the finish line.  We saw a lot of familiar faces in the crowd.

I was super excited when I saw Tralee and Cami run up together.

 I love the look of concentration of Tralee's face below.

Tall and small, short and tall, it doesn't matter, Tralee and Cami ran the race together and did a fantastic job!

Below is Tralee and Cami crossing the finish line.  YAHOO!

Every child that ran received a metal.  Tralee was beyond thrilled with hers.  She kept going around and telling anyone who would listen that, "This is my first metal!"  I asked Tralee if she would like to run in more events, and she enthusiastically answered, "YES!"  We might have to find a few coming up and run them together.

Our little racers below showing off their metals.

When the run was over, the kids and I walked around the event for a bit, and then headed back towards the Saturday market.  Hunter had been asking for a balloon Spiderman all morning.  We actually waited in two balloon animal lines, because after waiting in the first, we were informed that that balloon guy didn't make Spiderman, it was the other lady that did.  So. . . off we went to get Spiderman at the other stand.  We left the market with far too many balloon animals.  We were quite the spectacle.

We stopped for lunch downtown, and then came home.  After a little while Cami, Allie, and Sheena came over for a bit.  Sheena and I hung out, chatted, and watched The Mindy Project together while the kiddos played.  It's so nice to have a friend and neighbor that can just pop over for a visit, and all the kids get along and play so nicely so the moms can chit-chat.  Very fun.

Our Capital Classic day was memorable, I was beyond proud of Tralee, and hopefully we'll have more events like this in our future.

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