Friday, June 13, 2014

Sunday Afternoon

A few Sundays ago, Jim's cousins invited us over to hang out with them at "the compound."  We call it the compound because three sets of siblings live with their families in a row on the same street.  Two of the houses belong to Jim's Aunt and Uncle who are serving a mission for our church right now, so their kiddos moved in to watch over the properties while they're away.  Jim remembers coming to the compound as a child and having a blast himself.  Between all three households there are three swing sets, two huge gardens, a giant tree swing, little irrigation ditches filled with water for wee ones to splash in, two trampolines, chickens, dogs, toys, cousins, and more to play with and discover.  I mean, what's not to love about the compound?  My kids have a blast when we go, and Jim and I have a great time too.

On this particular Sunday there was a volleyball net set up, and several hilarious games of volleyball were played.  I'm not a competitive person, and don't enjoy playing sports with overly competitive people, so I wasn't sure how the games would go down.  However, after being assured that this round of volleyball was strictly for all levels and types of competitive-ness I didn't feel too nervous to play.  I actually really loved it, and cracked up at every game as the hilarity ensued.  The family at the compound are a funny bunch.  The only sad thing about this night, was Hunter hurt his knee/leg after Tralee double bounced him on the tramp and he landed funny.  He was limping around afterwards, and didn't really want to do too much.  Poor guy.  Luckily his knee healed after a few days, and Hunter is back to his usual crazy antics.

A few pics our night at the compound below.  There are no volleyball pics, although I wish I would have captured some, but I was too busy schooling everyone with my mad high-school-gym-class-taught volleyball skills :)     

Tralee enjoying the best tree swing in the world


Hunter laying on a tramp (not the tramp he got hurt on) after his injury.  Poor little dude.

Just another swing pic

The swing of all swings

I just love this picture.  

That's all.

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