Saturday, June 7, 2014

Jump Creek - Memorial Day

Jim was home on Memorial Day, the weather was fantastic, and we wanted to take advantage of both.  So, together with our friendly neighbors, we drove to Jump Creek Canyon, hiked around, and explored the area together.  Our neighbor's kids and ours are similar in age, and get along together really well.  The couples get along equally well also, so doing something fun as families was a no-brainer. 

Highlights of our day included:

1.  Catching lizards
2.  Tommy holding onto the lizards for dear life, until they escaped
3.  Exploring the little caves and crevices along the way
4.  Catching fish  
5.  Tommy wanting to keep a fish, so we put it in a bucket, and he carried it around the rest of the day
6.  Laughing at the ridiculousness of some people
7.  Everyone having fun, laughing, and getting to know each other a little better

Pictures of our adventure below :
The start of the hike

Tralee and Cami.  Cami is a year younger and very tiny for her age.  Tralee is older, and very TALL for her age.  They make a fun duo.

Skipping across rocks


Hunter and Allie.  They're cut from the same cloth these two.  They play so well together, and have similar interests and mannerisms.  Their mothers decided to arrange their future marriage.  We already know and love the in-laws!!

Tralee looking over a little waterfall

Hunter looking over the little waterfall

Kids and yours truly standing in a watery crevice

Tralee cracks me up.  She packed herself a little backpack filled with a book, a sketch diary, and pencils.  When we arrived at the waterfall she sat on a rock, and began to sketch her surroundings.

Jim, Cami, and Hunter exploring a cave up the hill

Hunter and Jim

My silly girl

Sheena and myself at the waterfall. . . . looking fabulous or maybe a little bit like female P.E. teacher friends.  :)

Exploring the cave

Another pic of my little crazy

Tralee and Jim at the waterfall

David and Goliath. . . I mean, Cami and Tralee hiking back to the cars

Later on that day we went to another neighbor's house for a BBQ.  There were even more kids to play with, adults to chat with, and yummy delectables to eat.  All-and-all not a bad holiday.  We feel truly indebted to those that have gone before us, fought for our freedoms, and contributed to society so that we might have days like this.

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