Friday, June 13, 2014

1st Grade Class Plays

On the second to the last day of school, Trlaee's class put on their class poems and plays.  It was all very adorable.  Everything was "Under the Sea" themed.  Tralee acted in two plays.  In one she played a dolphin, and in the other, Cinder-Squid, she was the narrator.  After the plays, I got a picture with Tralee and her teacher, and a group picture of Tralee's class.  They're a bunch of adorable kids, and Tralee's teacher did a fantastic job teaching my girl this year, and making her feel cared for each day.

Tralee and her classmates getting ready for their play

Those kids are some hard-core actors!  

Tralee and Mrs. R

Tralee and some buddies

Class picture

Silly class picture

Tralee and her bestie, Lily

Tralee and two of her besties, Brenna, and Lily

Class play day was a success!

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