Monday, May 12, 2014

Angry Birds Star Wars Party

Hunter's fifth birthday approached and I realized, he's never had an actual invite-all-his-buddies-over-birthday party.  So. . . since turning five is kind of a big deal, in my book, I decided to throw him his first birthday party.  When I asked what kind of party he wanted Hunter told me, "An Angry Birds Star Wars Party."  With the theme picked, we worked on his invites:

Once the date, time, theme, and birthday invites were all passed out we got to planning.  We picked out games to play, decor, food, and before we knew it, P-day had arrived.  

Pictures below.

The night before the party, we had all of our balloons blown up.  Hunter was beyond excited when I walked in with them.  After the party was over, Tralee and Hunter couldn't wait to let the balloons go into the sky.

Before the festivities began, Hunter dressed up in his Angry Birds "Five" party shirt I made.  I might have forced him to wear it!  

Jim was in charge of the Angry Birds launcher.  I think it was the highlight of the party.  We used a water balloon launcher for the sling, and Jim built the rest of the launcher out of 2x4s.

I have the many many many ideas I found on Pinterest to thank for the food table.  I made all the labels and games, but most of the ideas came from some other genius.  

I made all the drink labels while watching The Mindy Project on Hulu.  I think they turned out cute!  Hunter liked helping me rip off the old labels and tape on the new ones!

Hunter loved the "Bird Beaks" aka Bugles

We made and found a handful of party games for all the kiddos to play at the party.  All of them Angry Birds or Star Wars themed.

Jim is pictured below, getting ready to launch!

Tralee was just as excited as Hunter for the party to begin!!  She had a blast.

 What's a party without a bouncy house?  Granted, our bouncy house is more for toddler-aged kids, but everyone still had fun.

The kids all loved the launcher.  Some of them liked to actually launch the Angry Bird balls into it, while others loved to just knock down all the boxes after a bird was launched into it, and then build them back up. 

Right around noon, the rain hit.  We moved everyone, and the picnic table inside (the food table was under the covered part of our front door, so it was okay), and ate lunch.  By the time lunch and present opening was over, the rain had passed, and we went back outside.  

Boys enjoying lunch

Some of Hunter's buds.  More of his dudes were sitting over at the regular table.
I loved watching Hunter interact with all of his friends, especially when they were wearing their Star Wars Masks.

I asked some of Hunter's friend's older sisters to come help out at the party.  I'm SO glad they said, "yes!"  They were a big help keeping the 13 five-and-under-year-olds wrangled and happy.

Jim and one of our helpers
 The other highlight of the party were the light sabers I made out of dollar store pool noodles.  I cut the pool noodles in half with Jim's chop saw, tapped some duck tape, and electric tape to the bottom, and we had some light sabers.  The kids all loved them, and I, once again, have the geniuses who posted this idea onto Pinterest to thank!

I was SOOOOO glad Jim helped out at this party.  There's just something about a fun dad that makes every party 1000% more happy.  At one point, all the kiddos decided that Jim was the bad guy, and they attacked him with their light sabers.  Jim played right along with it, and I watched as 10-or-so light sabers beat him to death.  

See what I mean?  Jim is father of the year in my book!

Tralee showing me her mad light saber skills in her Star Wars mask.

Hunter told me that his favorite part of the party was opening presents.  It was such a crazy moment, that I don't even know who gave him what.  I just had to thank all the parents in a very generic way for the "gift" their child gave Hunter.  However, my MOST FAVORITE things Hunter received were hand drawn cards and picture from his friends.  I LOVE all the thought and care these little boys and girls put into gift giving. 

Once the rain cleared, and all the presents were opened, we went back outside to smash the piñata into smithereens!  Hunter went first and last.  At first all the kids used the plastic bat.  Once everyone had a turn, we let Hunter go one more time and Jim gave him a wooden bat.  The wooded bat did the trick, and every one filled their treat bags to the max!

Waiting in line to smash the piñata!  I love all the masks and light sabers!

My parent's gave Hunter this tee-pee tent for his birthday.  The kids all had fun climbing in and out, and playing in it throughout the party.  Once all the guests left, Tralee and Hunter hung out inside the teepee for at least an hour while Jim and I cleaned up the aftermath.

Overall, Hunter's fifth birthday party was a success!  Fun was had by all, and I think we can chalk it up as a happy memory made!

For the printables I made -- Food labels, points & TNT signs for boxes, smaller TNT signs to decorate with, and the "5" Angry birds shirt label (reverse the image and print onto image transfer paper to put on a t- shirt) click on the image below.  It will take you to my Box account where you can download the images.  The Large TNT and points printables are sized to 11x14.  I printed two of each at Costco for the boxes.  Everything else is sized to print as an 8x10. 

If you want the invite, water bottle wrappers, cupcake labels, or any other custom party decor made, visit my Etsy Shop here, and send me a convo.  I'll get a custom order up and ready for you!



Boom said...

Holy Cow! This was great!

Love Mom

Krista Hegstrom said...

How fun is this! Nice work on creating the party of the year! :)

Unknown said...

Love the launcher idea! Do you happen to have any measurements?
Everything is so cute!

stevenjared0853 said...

I am quite motivated to see these Angry Birds Star Wars Party photos. It is just so amazing. We have also been making plans for the DIY jungle themed bash for our twin’s 7th birthday but would prefer hosting it at some rental spaces for parties. I will surely make a list of good venues and will book the best one among all.