Sunday, May 11, 2014

Hunter's Birthday

My baby boy turned five.  I have mixed emotions on the topic.  First of all, to me, five seems like such a giant leap from four.   At five you start school, start loosing teeth, and hold onto mommy's hand a little less as you take giant leaps into an independent life.  Sigh.  On the other hand, I marvel as I watch my baby boy mature, learn, and tell witty jokes that give me the giggles.  I'm so happy I'm his mommy, and even though he needs me a little less, he still needs me.  I hope he always will.

Hunter's fifth birthday fell on a Thursday.  He proudly picked out and brought his preschool classmates a treat, wore a "Birthday Boy" pin home from preschool, opened his gifts from his family, and picked out a place to go eat dinner and play games with us.  The place of choice?  Big Al's.  We ate dinner, and then played and played and played.  We collected a ton of tickets, picked out some prizes, and even won a free VIP game of bowling.

Once Big Al's was done, we came home, watched Hunter make a wish, and blow out the candles on his fancy Cold Stone birthday cake. 

Opening presents

So excited!

At dinner

Birthday Sundae

We're basically models. . . 

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Making a wish. . . is this not the cutest?

My baby boy had a grand birthday, and it was just getting started.

Birthday party post soon to come.

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