Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ready. . . Set. . . RACE!

A few weeks ago Tralee and Jim, and Jovie and Oakley had a father/daughter race experience.  I wasn't too sure how Tralee would do driving a go-kart, but she actually did pretty awesome.  The only iffy moment was when they were supposed to be slowing down and parking their cars, and Tralee gunned it and almost crashed in the car-parking area.  She later told me she was trying to get to the finish line before everyone else, and didn't fully understand the race was over.  Luckily a worker grabbed the kart, and slowed her down.  No one was hurt, and I was glad, or it would have made my cracking up at the moment a little awkward.  After the big girls and daddies finished racing, both Jacobs families came over to our place to hang out for a bit and eat a bite.  Racing night was fun!
Tralee and Jim getting ready to race

Racing names

Jared and Jovie

Jim and Tralee in their karts

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