Saturday, November 20, 2010


We flew into SLC early Saturday afternoon. We were all pretty beat after our airplane adventures, and the thought of traveling another five hours by car was less than appealing. So, Jim and I made the executive decision to stop in Logan, UT for the night. Not only would it give us a chance to rest, but we thought it might be fun to visit some of our old haunts from from the kid-free era of our marriage. We actually took a house tour of all the places we lived in the Logan area. Very sentimental, but I'm getting off point.

So. . . there we were in Logan, Utah on Saturday night and we realized that everyone who was anyone was trick-or-treating. I didn't want our kids to miss out on trick-or-treating this year, so while Jim stayed at the hotel with our little ones, I went to Wally World to see if I could find some costumes. Before I left I asked Tralee what she wanted to be for Halloween (talk about last minute). She answered, "A kitty cat!" So, lucky for me I found a $5 kitty cat costume as well as a $5 cowboy costume for Hunty-Dizzle. There was a knife-through-your-head headband for Jim, and a pink wig for me. I got it all.

I walked back into the room with the wig on. The kids weren't too sure about it. Tralee kept taking it off. When Jim put the headband on Tralee's eyes got all big and she said, "Oh no!!" Jim took it off to show her it wasn't real when it looked like she was about to cry. Silly, cute, beautiful, sensitive little girl.

It was a cold night. I think we made it around two blocks before we called it a night. I felt like I fulfilled my motherly duty, the kids were happy with their loot, and Jim and I were ready to get back to the hotel and rest up before the next day.

It was a fun night. Hooray!


Necha said...

Too Cute!!

Boom said...

I almost missed this post. Lucky I came back to reread your last two and discovered this one.

Love You