Thursday, November 11, 2010

Disney Day Five: Epcot

Day five we went to Epcot.

Highlights and pictures (in no particular order -- can you tell I'm getting lazy with these Disney posts?):

1. Soarin. Tralee LOVED it! Both times I rode it with her I heard, "Mommy! Look! Look!" as she pointed to various things. It was awesome!

2. The Cool Spot, or whatever it's called where you can go sample all the different sodas from around the world . . . FOR FREE! Yahoo! Brady liked the Italian bitter one that everyone else hated. Funny kid. Haylee, and most of us, really liked the Japanese drink.

3. Tralee LOVED the Nemo ride, and looking at all the fish tanks after it too. She couldn't get enough.

4. Brady playing in the jumping fountains. He had a blast, it was fun to watch him get soaked!

5. Staring in our own video games. Tralee liked this activity so much, she wanted to do it again. Now we can go online and play them if we want to. Jim and Tralee's is so funny!

6. All the kids LOVED Fast Track. I think they all rode it at least five times.

I took a picture of the fast track poster because I thought the woman on the left kind of looked like my mom, and the little girl in the middle kind of looked like Haylee.

7. Jim's favorite is always the Norway ride. Tralee liked it too. Hunter slept through all the excitement.

8. We ate at the spinning restaurant in The Land area. At this point Tralee warmed up to the characters, and we got some cute pictures of her with them. The food was also good.

9. The firework show was fun. I was surprised my kids lasted that long. Yahoo!

Needless to say, we were all pretty tired at the end of the day
Stay tuned for our final day at Disney!

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