Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Disney Day One

We left for Disney World EARLY Sunday morning. I'm mean like, red eye flight early. The kids were able to sleep most of the way, but Jim and I didn't get much rest, so by the time we checked into our hotel (Pop Century) at 8:30 in the morning, all we wanted to do was climb into bed. Unfortunately, the kids didn't share our opinion; they were ready to play. Good thing there's something called a television set. We totally put on some cartoons for the kids and tried to get some shut eye. It kind of worked, at least Hunter fell back asleep. Tralee was way to excited though. Luckily the rest of our party (Grammy Char Char, Aunt Amy, Haylee, and Brady) showed up around noon and were ready to play with Tralee. Jim, Hunter, and I rested a bit more and then ventured outside.

Later Sunday afternoon, we all went swimming which was GREAT! After swimming lizards were caught, snacks were eaten, and pictures were taken. We all went to bed a little on the early side to rest up for the week ahead of us. The kids actually cooperated and fell asleep around 8pm. Jim and I stayed up a bit and watched some tv, snuggled, and then crashed ourselves around 10pm. It felt goooooood to relax and sleep.

Here are a few pics from day one in Disney.

Here are a few of my favorite memories from day one:

1. When we boarded the Magical Express from the airport Tralee pointed to the palm trees and yelled excitedly, "Look Mommy! Look at the trees!" She then asked what kind they were and I told her, "Palm trees." The rest of the trip, whenever we saw a palm tree Tralee pointed and said, "Look! There's a palm tree."

2. While traveling to our hotel Tralee saw the big Disney World sign and I asked if she knew what it said. She didn't but got really excited when I told her it meant we were in Disney World now. She also pointed to every character she saw on signs/the movie the bus played and excited stated, "Look! There's Mickey Mouse!" Or whichever character it was.

3. I LOVED that our hotel was able to get us into a room right away. There was a possibility we would have to wait until the afternoon for a room to be available. There was no way Jim and I could have lasted that long without crashing on a bed.

4. My heart was happy when I saw how excited Tralee was to see her cousins Haylee and Brady. The whole rest of the trip Tralee referred to Haylee as her best friend. I'm equally as happy that Haylee, who is five years older than Tralee, was such a good sport and so kind to her younger cousin.

More soon to come. . .


Audie said...

I'm so glad you had fun but even more glad that you are back!!!!

Aunt Debi said...

I'm so glad you got to have such a fun vacation with the whole family. I didn't know that Jim was away so long. Disneyland really is a great place to go as a family.