Friday, November 5, 2010

Disney Day Four: Hollywood Studios

Day four at Disney World was Hollywood Studios.

Today I'm combining highlights with pictures.

The highlights of the day were:

* Watching Tralee dance at our lunch reservation. We ate lunch with the Playhouse Disney peeps. Every so often they would have a dance party in the middle of the restaurant and encourage kids to come join them. Tralee would get up and play along. It was SOOOO dang cute to watch her!

* Taking Tralee on the Tower of Terror. I laughed so hard watching Tralee's expression. Seriously, she's THREE and she went on Tower of Terror! When we went up to the line Jim asked the cast member, "How tall do you have to be to ride this?" The requirement was 40 inches. Little Miss Tralee had that beat by two whole inches so Jim turned to me and said, "She's riding!" I watched Tralee the whole time we were on this ride, and her scared face was priceless. Her bottom jaw stuck out and her eyes got REALLY wide. Poor thing. Are we horrible parents for putting her though that? Please don't call child protective services on us. One thing is for sure, Tralee DID NOT want to ride that one again. She was usually gung ho to ride just about anything twice, but not the Tower of Terror. Actually, she was pretty sceptical of any ride after this one. Whenever we would sit down to ride something, she would take the adult's arm that was sitting next to her, wrap in around herself, and hang on for dear life. She even did this on The Great Movie Ride. Poor little dear, Jim bought her a bubble gun to make up for it later that day. Which brings me to my next highlight of the day. . .

* Jim purchased a bubble gun that lit up and EVERYTHING for Tralee. She LOVED the thing! She was so cute playing with it that lots of people stopped to watch her twirl, spin, and play with the bubbles and her bubble gun.

* Going to the Playhouse Disney puppet show. Tralee LOVED this. I LOVED watching her little face light up when she recognized the songs/characters.

* Hanging out with Brady and Hunter while the rest of the crew rode on The Great Movie Ride. Brady is REALLY good at adding and subtracting, I couldn't believe it! :)

* Tralee's highlight was doing absolutely EVERYTHING with her "best friend" Haylee. One day Tralee refused to use the bathroom (even though I KNEW she had to go), then she saw Haylee walk into a stall so Tralee hopped right onto the potty and took care of business. Silly girl. They sure looked cute in their matching skirts.

* Taking Brady on the Rockin' Roller Coaster. Brady's a brave little dude! While we were waiting in line Jim jokingly told Brady, "I'm so scared, I hope I don't poop my pants!" Brady, who's seven, turned and asked quite seriously, "Why would you poop you pants?" Jim responded, "Cause, that's what happens sometimes when you're really scared." I can't remember Brady's response to this but I was laughing right out load listening to Jim and Brady work this conversation out.

* The 3d interactive Toy Story ride/game. It was just really cool!

That's day four. Day five: Epcot!


Hannah S said...

Wow! Awesome trip lady! Seemed exhausting though too. Sightseeing/vacationing can be so tiring, esp with kids. So where were the other Jim's? and who coordinated/made/bought the girls matching outfits. how fun and memorable!

Leslie said...

We had a lot of fun, but it WAS tiring; especially when Hunter was tired and threw tantrums. Then I saw other toddlers around doing the same thing, so I didn't feel so bad. :)

I actually made the outfits for the girls. My mom also got them some clothes that matched. I'm really starting to love this sewing thing, which is why I think I need to upgrade from my $50 Walmart machine. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the comment!