Thursday, November 4, 2010

Disney Day Three: Animal Kingdom

Day three at Disney was spent at Animal Kingdom. We woke up early to make our breakfast reservation at the Tusker House in Africa. The breakfast was GREAT! Tralee still had to warm up to the characters and wasn't too sure of them. Hunter LOVED them; especially Daisy Duck. He kept playing with her beak and quite frankly, couldn't keep his hands to himself. Since he's one, and she's a duck, we let it slide.

My kids were still pretty tired from the time change, and from the day before at MK, so we left a little on the early side that day. Brady and Amy also left a little earlier. Grammy Char Char and Haylee stayed until close and filled us in on all the things we missed. Maybe when my kids are a little older, they'll be able to hang in a little longer. We really enjoyed all the things we DID see and do on day three.

Here are some photos:

We took Tralee on the Dinosaur ride. She wasn't too thrilled about it, but rode it again with Grandma, Jim, and Brady. We're ghetto, so we took photos of the photos for purchase. It's a little blurry, but you get the gist.

My mom and I were the only ones that wanted to ride the Mount Everest ride, so here we are waiting in line to board. This ride is one of my new favorites at Disney. It was a lot of fun to ride it with my mom. She screamed at any little pause/turn/dip and I couldn't stop laughing at her.
The last thing Jim, the kids, and I saw before we left Animal Kingdom was A Bug's Life 3d movie inside the tree of life. When the bugs crawl under your bum to climb out of the theater at the end, Tralee started moving all around looking under her bum to find out where the bugs were. That was pretty cute.

The last picture is us back at our hotel room. Tralee and Hunter colored and painted for a bit before taking a little nap. Actually, Tralee never napped, but she rested. After Hunter fell asleep Jim stayed in the room and I took Tralee swimming. She has SO MUCH FUN! We really need to sign her up for swimming lessons soon. She loves the water now, and teaching her to swim would sure make me feel a lot better about taking both kids to the pool. After a while Jim and Hunter joined us, Hunter was still grumpy, so I went back to the room with him and Jim kept swimming with Tralee. Then we found out that Brady and Amy were back from AK so Tralee and Jim stayed in the water even longer to play with Brady. I think Tralee swam for almost two and a half hours that day and STILL didn't want to get out. Too much fun!

Highlights from Day Three:

* The 3d bugs show and watching Tralee's reaction to the special effects
* Riding on Everest with Momma
* Tralee shaking like a leaf her second time on Dinosaur
* Haylee burying her head in Amy's lap the entire Dinosaur ride
* The kids catching more lizards with Jim

Day four. . . Hollywood Studios!!!

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Cammi said...

Oh man it looks like so much fun! I'm so jealous. So funny that Tralee was so scared on the ride, just shaking. haha its good for her. I do NOT like that picture of Hunter running because he doesnt look like a little boy anymore! He's big and grown up!!! Tell him to stop!