Sunday, August 1, 2010

Loveseat Pics

Our loveseat has seen a lot of. . . well. . . love lately.
Talk about my heart melting. My two favorite men sharing a little nap together. Plus, I like this picture, even with Jim's wonky feet.
And here's the same loveseat cushioning Tralee, Hunter, Oakley, and Jovie. Audie and I got together for a sewing day, and the kids together for a playdate. Tralee adores Jovie and Oakley (or as she says it, Ho-hie and Hokey) so she was more than happy to play with them while Audie and worked on some projects. While the moms sewed, chatted, and answered the demands of whichever child needed something at any given moment, the kids ran around outside, dug holes in the dirt, mixed "chocolate milk" in buckets in our back yard with the dirt from said holes and water from our hose, sprayed each other with the hose, jumped in the bouncy house, caught rolly pollies, rode around on the bike and scooter, and enjoyed the summer heat. The picture above was the one moment all four of them were inside. Audie and I thought our kids might like to unwind and relax by watching a movie. They did. . . for a few seconds, then it was onto the next outdoor activity. I guess I can't really blame them, and I'm glad they would rather play outside than sit inside and watch movies.

So. . . I have no clever way to end this post. So there you go. Loveseat pics.


Boom said...

It's heartwarming!

Love, Mom

Joni said...

So cute. Sounds like a fun filled day.