Friday, August 13, 2010

Foamer Fun

I found this fun little bubble/foaming activity in Family Fun magazine. The kids and I had a blast with it today. It's super easy to make (I guarantee all the supplies are in your house right now) and super-de-douper fun to play with.

You need:
A plastic bottle
A dish towel (we used a clean rag)
A little water
Rubber band
Dish soap

To make this fun contraption cut out the bottom of your plastic bottle. Dampen your towel. Place the damp towel over the open bottom of the bottle. Secure it with a rubber band. Dip the damp towel portion of your bottle in dish soap and blow out the other end. Foaming bubbles instantly appear.
Now go try it! Seriously, your kids (and you) will love it. Also, see how long you can get your foam. I made a really long one. Tralee said it was a bubble snake.

We started playing with our foamer outside, but moved inside to get more soap. I discovered if you dampen your towel every now and again, and then apply more dish soap, the foam is more dense. The foam thins out to bigger bubbles when the soap is used up.
The kids liked to take the foam and play with it. We made bubble hair-dos, bubble beards, bubble clothes, bubble castles, bubble snakes, bubble cakes. . . you get the idea.
The three of us had a lot of fun. . . that is until nap time. I wonder how I knew it was nap time? Look below and you'll see how I knew.
See? That's an it's-nap-time-face. No amount of bubbles could undo the fact that it was nap time.

After Hunter snoozed for a bit he was much happier. We pulled out our foamer again to show Daddy when he got home. I'm not sure who was more excited to show him, Tralee or me. I think we both said to Jim, "See! See! Look at the bubbles!" Tralee was, most likely, much cuter in her excitement to show Daddy the foamer than I was. Jim still said I was cute though. That's good.

Now go foam.

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Boom said...

What a cute idea! Love the pictures!

Happy Foaming!

Love Mom