Thursday, August 12, 2010

Smart Lil' Pooper

Hunter now lets us know when he needs a change. Once he's finished his . . . ahem. . . business, he comes up to us and says, "bum bum." I think it comes from us asking him, "Hunter, does your bum bum need a change?"

Also. . .

When Hunter and I were waiting for Tralee while she was in speech therapy, we started looking through a National Geographic magazine together. One of the pictures was a crowd of people in some African building. All the people were wearing different colored clothing so I asked Hunter, "Where is something red?" I didn't really expect an answer, but Hunter's little finger pointed to someone wearing a red shirt and he said, "red!" He then scanned the pictured again and pointed to another person wearing red and repeated the action. Such a smarty pants! I tried to show him off to his Daddy later that night, but Hunter had no interest in pointing to colors then. When I asked him, "Can you find something red?" Hunter brought me a pillow and said, "Right there." There was red on the pillow, so I guess that was good enough.


Boom said...

He is a a smarty pants! Can't wait to hold him and hug him again. I sure hope he remembers his Grandma! I have a picture of Tralee at work on my desk poised to take a bite of spaghetti. It is so darn cute. I have a picture of Hunter and his Mommy too. Dan thinks you are HOT!

Love, Mom

Audie said...

So smart! I miss that little guy! Let's plan a sewing day soon. Or a lay on the couches and watch tv day!!