Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guess Who Got a New Bike?

Jim took Tralee out for a daddy daughter date a few nights ago. When they got home, I was surprised to see Tralee riding around on her very own big girl bike. She LOVES going for bike rides. She can go pretty fast too and sometimes forgets how to brake, then she crashes, says, "I'm okay," and gets right back on as if nothing happened. What a brave, cute, silly, fantastic, wonderful, fun, little, superhero-fairy-princess!! I love her! She loves her new bike. I love her on her new bike. We're perfect for each other! Also, we figured we could wait and get Tralee a new bike for her birthday or Christmas, but they're both in the winter. So, how fun would that be? "Happy Birthday Tralee, here's a new princess bike you can't use until the world defrosts!" So. . . yeah, we didn't wait. Tralee got a new bike because we love her and wanted her to have one. Happy Un-Birthday to her! Hooray!!! Oh, and if you noticed, Tralee and I are both biking barefoot. We were so excited to go biking that there just wasn't any time to put on our shoes. Like mother like daughter I guess.


Boom said...

Looks like fun! Is she all done with the scooter now?

Happy Day!

Love, Mom

Meagan said...

Bikes are so great. They also work wonderfully when you need to go for a walk, want to get some exercise, but also want to have a happy child. Brooklyn loves going for walks when I let her ride!

Boom said...

I totally missed the blog about Jim's reunion. Glad I went back reading. Sometimes I have to do that when there isn't a new post to read.

Joni said...

Oh fun!! What a cute picture. I bet she loves the bike!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

How fun! I like your justification for getting her a bike now...I am struggling with that same decision, but with a swing set...I love how you are biking bare foot!