Saturday, August 7, 2010

Finger Painting

I went to Michaels. Finger paint was on clearance for .50 a bottle. I bought some for the kiddlets. The rest is history. . .
I mostly like the above picture because it shows off Hunter's extra juicy tummy. It's as deliciously squishy as it looks.
I took the picture above to show just how happy I am that I decided to make finger painting an outside activity. Little finger paint footprints and handprints were everywhere.

At some point Hunter dove right in. This is when I asked myself, "Are you crazy for letting your kids do this?"

Hunter wanted up. I wanted him to not touch me until I hosed him off. The hose came out, the babies and deck were washed clean, and then the babies were put into the tub to really make them sparkle.

Tralee has been asking to finger paint ever since. We'll probably do it again sometime, when I'm feeling brave (crazy) again.


The Kelly Variety said...

Crazy? Yes! I love it anyway.
I'm glad to see Tralee on her bike. . .oh... some day in 10 years when Makayla can reach the peddles we'll go for a ride!

The Kelly Variety said...

Can we spell Pedal?

Andrea said...

It's great to see you let your kids "live" a little. I'm not sure I'd be that brave - but I love it!

Boom said...

You are amazing! Where did this side of you come from?

I love Tralee's Scooter. Would like a better close up of the new bike.

Mary Ann Carlile said...

You are a brave mommy! That is awesome though. Kids love finger painting! Sometimes I feel bad because when Tori was Maesa's age, she was doing cool stuff like that at day care, but mommy doesn't do cool stuff like that...poor Maesa! Maybe I'll just send her over your way!

Hannah S said...

Wow what a mess. Way to be cool! I love how Hunter is totally immersed in it. Love washable paints (or anything).
I have a great idea that you can use w/those finished projects. I'll blog about it someday, be watching. So keep those cool pics and you'll be able to transform them into something better!