Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Words and Phrases

Some favorite phrases of Tralee's at the moment:

"It's not the moon, it's the sun!" This is said when we tell her it's time for bed. These summer days are long, and it's very difficult to convince Tralee it's bedtime when it's still light out. She fights it right up until the sun sinks below the horizon and darkness drapes the skies. She finally looks out the window, spots the glowing moon, and announces, "It's the moon. Time for bed."

"Mommy, my foe buggins." I've written about this before. She used to say foe for nose. She now knows how to say nose, but Jim and I got to used to saying foe, that whenever anyone around her needs their nose wiped the phrase of choice is, "my foe buggins."

"Me too either!" Whenever Tralee agrees or disagrees with anyone she mixes up "me too" and "me either" into one fantastic phrase, "Me too either."

I've also mentioned this next Tralee phrase before, but Jim and I love it so stinken much we use it ourselves, and even made up a song featuring it. Whenever anyone is sad around here we sing or say, "Don't make sad, make happy!" The song goes, "Don't make sad make happy. That's what we're gonna do. Don't make sad make happy. Others will love you."

Hunter's vocabulary is expanding daily. His words include, but are not limited to the following:

"Ba-bas" -- Juice box
"Waawaa" -- Want some. Sometimes "Waawaa" is accompanied by a waawaa dance. Makes me laugh every time.
"Pees" -- Please. We're working on him saying please more consistently.
"On" -- He points to our little dvd player and says, "on!"
"Up" -- Pretty self explanatory
"Dis" -- This
"Bite" -- If Hunter wants another bite of food, he'll say this. Sometimes I pretend he's one of those super trendy people who say things like, "Let's go grab a bite." Okay, not really. I just thought of that right now.
"Uh-oh" -- This was his first word
"Ba-ow" -- Ball
"Ow" -- Said when Hunter gets himself in a predicament or when he's hurt. He was teething the other night and kept waking up from sleep saying, "ow!!" Poor lil' guy.
"Mo" -- More
"Done" -- Said when he's done eating and wants out of his booster chair.
That's all I can't think of at the moment.

Now it's on to bathing my beauties. . . until next time!!!


Jodi said...

Wow!!! What a vocabulary! All Aliya ever says is ga. She does say ma and a form of "all-done" but that's it. I'm very impressed with Hunter. Way to go little man!

Boom said...

I can hear them. I want to hear them up close and personal!

Miss you all!

Love, Mom

Meagan said...

Wow. He has a lot of words. You are such a great mom! You inspire me to do a lot of things that I would normally never do. Like let my children paint. I'm barely working up to letting Brooklyn paint, but I can't even imagine letting Emma. But, I read your blog and I think...perhaps someday, when I'm in a very good I'm taking baby steps right? Seriously though, I love reading your blog. You have darling children.