Friday, August 20, 2010

Some Notable Things

- Hunter sounds so cute when he says, "belly button." It sounds like "buh but-ton"

- Tralee has been super loving and obedient.

- Hunter now has a bruise on each cheek. The first one occurred on Sunday when he triped and hit the coffee table. The second happened this morning when he fell off of Tralee's bed. Poor baby looks awfully beat up with a bruise on each cheek.

- Tralee has been into "cooking." She pulls a chair up to the counter, pulls out a bowl, and finds her way to the spice cabinet. She then starts pulling out different spices and pouring them into her bowl. Sometimes she adds water, crackers, bread, bananas, pretty much whatever is in her reach. Each concoction looks as gross as Tralee is proud of it. Soooo. . . pretty gross, and pretty proud.

- I now realize why my mom got annoyed with me when I got into her make-up. I keep discovering smooshed lipstick tubes, powdery blush over everything, missing make-up brushes, and two little faces that resemble sad clowns. Although the sad clowns are cute, the rest is a pain.

- Tralee also likes finding out what every item in the bathroom is used for by asking, "What's this?" When I tell her, "That's deodorant. It helps your armpits not stink or sweat." She then says, "Oh. Can I have some?" Usually I let her test out each object. I'm beginning to think that's a mistake on my part. I keep discovering Tralee in our bathroom rubbing deodorant, powder, soap, and lotion on her and Baby. She also sprays hairspray, perfume, and air freshener all over as well. My bathroom is a very smelly place, and not for the typical reasons bathrooms smell. It's like Bath and Body Works exploded in there.

- I caught a nasty batch of food poisoning yesterday. I was out of commission for the day. I'm hoping it wasn't the egg epidemic that got me down, although it might be. So far I'm the only one in the family to be sick. I hope it stays that way. The kids kept themselves occupied while I was bed-ridden yesterday, usually by finding books and bringing them to me to read to them. It really wasn't an awful day to spend the day, except when I had to b-line it for the b-room. That part wasn't so fun. Oh. . . and feeding the babies. That wasn't fun either. The thought of food really grossed me out yesterday, unfortunately, the kid-os still liked food. That meant I had to make it for them. Gross-out city! We made it through though. I'm feeling better today. Not 100%, but close.

- I'm not sure if it's the illness, or what, but I'm feeling very out of sorts today. I don't feel like doing much, and usually I have some project or another I want to tackle. Not so much today. Hopefully I'll snap out of it.

'til next time!

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