Wednesday, July 28, 2010



We ran some errands today. Everywhere we went Tralee insisted on wearing her "princess shoes." Her princess shoes are those plastic dress-up shoes with a little heal, a little glitter, a little plastic gem glued to the top. You know what I'm talking about, right? So yeah, her princess shoes went along with us today. They really slowed us down, cause the girl prances in them. I just laughed. We didn't have any pressing engagements, so I figured she could prance behind me and slow us down a bit, cause, why not? I also knew exactly where Tralee was at every moment because her princess shoes are loud.

Click click. Click click. Click click.

That was our sound for the day. Sometimes it would be more like, Click click. Click click. . . Silence. So I'd turn around and see Tralee playing with something that caught her eye. I'd say, "Come on Sweetie. Follow Mommy." Sometimes she would listen, and sometimes she ignored me and kept playing with the item of interest. Eventually the Click click. Click click. Click click resumed.


Hunter's new thang is, he likes to lift both arms in the air and say, "Surprise!" Except it sounds like, "piiiiies!" That's not all though. He also likes to find toilet paper, rip it up into teeny tiny bits, and throw it in the air as he says "piiiies!" I wonder if he thinks it's confetti or something. Although, he's never seen confetti before, and we've never thrown anything in the air while saying surprise, so I think he came up with this all on his own. Sometimes I know he's been playing the surprise game when I see a trail of toilet paper going from a bathroom into another room. There's usually bits of toilet paper all over the floor, and a little man in the middle of the mess, raising his arms, and yelling, "PIIIIES!!" All I can say is, thank goodness for vacuum cleaners.

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Boom said...

Precious! I miss those little messes!

Love Mom