Sunday, July 4, 2010


Almost every night Jim and Tralee have gone on a firefly catching hunt. Tralee has her net in hand, Jim carries the jar, and off they go hand-in-hand. See all the twinkling fireflies in the photo below? The picture doesn't do it justice, but at dusk these little bugs come out and light up the world. It's quite magical. . .
. . . especially for my little three-year-old.

I played around with the camera settings, and I would either get a blurry photo that showed the fireflies, or a crisp photo with the flash that blinded out the fireflies' glowing bums. You get the gist though.

Feel free to come our way and catch some fireflies tonight. We'll be out there.

Oh. . . and Happy Fourth of July!

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Audie said...

I wish we had fireflies here!