Saturday, July 3, 2010

Welcome Back Daddy!

This last Monday Tralee, Hunter, and I made our way to the Cleveland airport to pick up Jim. We couldn't wait to see him. It had been a LOOOOOOONG month without our Daddy around, and we never want to be apart with him that long again.

I promised Tralee we would get balloons to welcome back Daddy. She was as pleased as punch to go pick them out at the dollar store. We also snagged some poster board and markers to make the awesome sign pictured below.

Tralee is showing Jim the sign we made for him. Tralee ran right up to Jim and shouted, "Daddy! Daddy!" when she saw him. I handed Hunter over to Jim and he just looked at his daddy like, "Hey. . . I remember you!!!" It was really cute.

I'm so glad Jim is here. Since he's been back we've ran around on the golf coarse, gone to the zoo, played outside at night catching fireflies, built sand castles and swam at the beach, had tea parties, went to a swim party/BBQ, visited a kiddie carnival where Tralee went on several of her first rides, Jim went golfing with my dad, Jim and my dad also started painting the outside of my folk's house, my mom and I went to Eclipse while Jim watched the kid-os, and Jim and I even went on a date while my mom watched the babies. Yes, it's been non-stop around here, and we're lovin' it!!


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Joni said...

YAY! I love the balloons and the sign. Glad you guys are having fun as a family again!