Sunday, July 11, 2010

Playing on the Green

You're not aloud on the golf green during peak golfing hours. This was quite the conflict since this was the place my kids most wanted to play outside their grandparents' house. Everyday we waited for dusk to arrive so we could go play on the sixteenth green as a family. Even then we would keep our eye out for a late-night golfer to play through. Tralee even knew when to get off. She'd say, "Oh, here comes a golfer. Got to get off." So we waited till the golfer played through, then hopped right back on. Most nights our activities on the green involved the following:

Jim and Tralee playing their game of rolling a golf ball into the hole. Hunter would get involved too sometimes, much to the chagrin of Tralee.

Tralee rolling down the hills surrounding the green
Hunter running up and down the hills. He loved running down and often squealed with excitement.
Jim finding a snake in the wooded area and showing the kids

Walking barefoot on the green, I swear it feels better than carpet

Waiting for the lightening bugs to come out so we could catch them
Just being together as a family.
I never knew playing on a golf coarse could be so much fun, and I never once picked up a club!

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