Monday, May 3, 2010

Nostalgic List

While looking through old boxes I came across a list of reasons Jim loves me. He wrote it back in 2001 while we were dating. I left my notebook in his car, and while on his lunch break, he filled a page-and-a-half with reasons he loves me. He didn't tell me about it either. I found it when I opened my notebook during a lecture to take notes. Somehow it found its way into a box of old paperwork.

I've been debating whether or not to post the list. I don't want it to come across all Seriously So Blessed (very funny/sarcastic blog poking fun of "Utah" Mormon mom bloggers. . . and I'll admit I am guilty of some of the faux pas Seriously So Blessed mimics, but it's still funny) and act all braggy that my hubby wrote me something romantic. Also, Jim doesn't like it when I show the world that he has a romantic/sensitive side. It totally kills the whole Mr. Male Ego act he pulls off so well.

I finally decided I would post it. The two main reasons being:

1. It's written in pencil and has already started to fade. I want it documented somewhere less susceptible to aging.

2. I figured some mushy stuff would be okay since Jim and my anniversary is coming up next week.

If you're not a fan of said mushy stuff, go ahead and close out of the window now, cause the list is written below.

The following is a list Jim wrote to me back in 2001, shortly before we were engaged.

I Love You!!!

- I love how beautiful you are
- I love how you pretend that you don't like me to play with your toes
- I love your nice long chicken legs
- I love how you help me dress right
- I love your smile
- I love your tired eyes
- I love your sunshine head
- I love your soft kisses
- I love how you take care of me
- Ok, I love how you try to drive my car, and have issues with the lights
- I love cuddling you
- I love your voice and how you say your words funny
- I love how cute you are when you cry at sappy movies
- I love your soft lips!!
- I love how you worry about me, and tell me to wear my seat belt
- I love the sweet poems you write about us
- I love the look on your face when you trip up the stairs
- I love your eyes and seeing eternity in them
- I love how childlike we both are
- I love how we can be goofy and be ourselves
- I love when you warm your hands up on me
- I love that you're a Cheese Head
- I love being the Great White Rappa with you yo! "Girl in my eyes you da baddest!!"
- I love how you plan out our future
- I love the love notes and e-mails that you leave me

I love Jim too. I have no list to share today, but I love him all the same.
Like, totally love him!! (said all Utah-ish)

Okay. . . mushy stuff done!!!! Phew!!!


Joni said...

That is the cutest mushy letter ever. What a sweet man you have. :)

Audie said...

The Great White Rappa part is hilarious!

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Really sweet! I love it. It's so fun to think back on the "good ol' days" huh?