Monday, May 17, 2010

My Son. . .

. . . had ants in his diaper last night. I guess when you let him play outside in nothing but a diaper, a few ants are bound to find their way in.

My son also eats dog food. No, I don't let him. Every time I catch him in the act I remove Corky's dinner from his mouth, and take away the pieces in his chubby little mitts. I don't know why he likes dog food. Whenever he sees an opportunity, he b-lines for the dog dish. Even if he just ate a delish dinner.

Hunter also got his first scrape on his forehead. He tripped a fell on some concrete. His injury wasn't that bad, it didn't even bleed. The first few layers of skin were scraped off, and the injury scabbed over quite nicely which makes it look way worse than it was. Everywhere we go people say, "Oh my goodness!!! What happened?" I wonder if I sound like bad mom when I answer, "Oh, he fell down. It really wasn't that bad."

Hunter loves it when we read his birthday banner to him. We point to the words and say, "Happy Birthday Hunter Owen Jacobs!!" He gets the BIGGEST smile on his face. I haven't taken down his banner yet for this reason.

My son also likes to throw things down the stairs. Even as I type this, he threw down a toy that makes noise. Once it hit the bottom of the stairs, the noise it's supposed to make sounds a little injured.

Hunter is getting pretty good at repeating sounds and words. Little bugger won't do it on command though. The other night I was teaching him "bye-bye" while waving my hand. A few minutes later he was walking around, waving his hand and saying, "bye-bye." When Jim came home Hunter wouldn't do it. Oh well. Maybe it was because he wanted to say "hello" instead of "bye bye" to his daddy.
Other words on Hunter's list are: Thank you (doodoo), purple (pulpul), Mama, Dada, Daddy, ball (baa), woof (like what a doggy says), rrrraaaaahhhr (as in, we're pretending to be lions, bears, or monsters), this (dis), yes, and when he sees a candle or a picture of a candle he starts blowing.

Smart little guy if I do say so myself. . . even with ants in his pants.


Boom said...

He is quite the little man!

Love, Mom

Mary Ann Carlile said...

That is darling! Did the ants bite him?! He sure is talking so much - makes me think I better get on the ball with Maesa! And I love that you still have the birthday banner up. In Blake's family growing up they left up their birthday banner all week. We do it now too - why not celebrate for as long as possible?!