Friday, May 14, 2010

Hunter's First Birthday

Hunter's first birthday was mellow and perfect, just like my handsome little boy.

We started off the day with Hunter's first hair cut. We moved onto hanging out, and running a few errands. I took the kids to Walmart to get a few last minute items we needed for a pie I wanted to make for Hunter's b-day. After checking out, we walked by Subway and Tralee announced she wanted to eat there. Since it was Hunter's birthday, and it was lunch time, I decided to treat me kid-os to a little sub sandwich, apple slices, Sun Chip, and chocolate milk. It was Hunter's first taste of chocolate milk, and he liked it. Tralee and Hunter both ate really well, and we headed home for Hunter's nap time.

After nap time, I took the kids to Albertson's to pick up Hunter's first birthday cake. Before we left, I noticed that the time was almost 4:58, so I sat in the parking lot for a few minutes before leaving. I wanted to sing Happy Birthday to Hunter at the exact moment he turned one. I laughed, because the song playing on the radio was Love and Rocket's So Alive. Most of the song doesn't pertain to my son's birthday, but the chorus goes,

I'm alive
Oh Oh, so alive
I'm alive
Oh Oh, so alive.

The moment Hunter took his first breath last year was the moment the words, "I'm alive" were being sung this year. Perfect! I turned off the radio at 4:58, looked into Hunter's big eyes, and sang him Happy Birthday while a flash of memories from last year entered my head.

"Hunter Owen Jacobs you're alive!" I said after I sang. He just grinned at me the way he does.

On our way home, I stopped at Little Cesar's and picked up some pizza. Jim was at home, hanging up balloons. I put him in charge of balloons. He came through, like he always does. The kids were thrilled when the walked into the house and saw the balloon decor.

We spent the rest of the evening eating pizza, opening presents, playing with presents, letting go of balloons and watching them fly away, and letting Hunter dig into his first birthday cake. He dug right in like an old pro. The mess was fantastic.

I like how his eyes look all glazed over like he's in a sugar coma. That must have been some good cake!

The evening ended with baths for my messy kids, stories, snuggling, and watching heavy little eyelids slowly shut.

Here's to another year of sweet dreams my little H.O.J!


Joni said...

What a fun birthday!! He loves that cake. :)

Necha said...

Oh my Gosh is he not the cutest thing ever!! Happy Birthday Hunter!

Cammi said...

I love the cake all over him.. he's getting so big!! Looks like fun!!

Hannah S said...

Happy Birthday Hunter! What a fun day!
I love the color of those chairs. And the colorful balloons are so festive.