Monday, May 10, 2010

Hunter's First Hair Cut

As I blogged about in an earlier post, Hunter got his first hair cut on the morning of his first birthday. Here are the pictures and a video to prove it. I knew this day would come, so I was ready for it. I knew I would be a little sad to see Hunter's baby hair go, but I didn't think I would tear up, which I did. The tears came when I saw the finished product. They were bittersweet tears. Hunter looked SOOOOO darn cute, his cheeks looked chubbier with the extra hair gone, and he looked like a handsome little boy. That's the sweet side of it. The bitter side was . . . he looked like a handsome little boy. Traces of babyhood are slowly but surely vanishing. My baby is growing up. I do have to admit, Jim did a GREAT job cutting Hunter's hair, and I actually quite like it. In fact, I've never seen a cuter little boy in all my life.
Here's Jim, WAY too excited to start chopping Hunter's hair off. He couldn't wait.

One last before shot


Hunter wasn't too thrilled to have the buzzer buzzing in his ear.

And. . . . AFTER!!!
Look how handsome my boys are!

Here's the video of Hunter's first haircut, if you care to watch:


Necha said...

Awww! That was the cutest thing ever!!!
So ask him if I have an ear mullet? My hair goes over my ears. (Course I'm a girl!)

Joni said...

haha..Jim is weird! Hunter is soo cute...even with an ear mullet. :)

Cammi said...

The haircut looks cute.. if course Hunter is stinkin cute no matter how he has his hair....