Monday, May 10, 2010


Jim and I have been married for eight years today. Crazy! Crazy how it seems like we just started out on this journey, and crazy how at the same time, it feels like we've always been married.

Our wedding was full of the usual festivities. Here are eight (maybe just a tad more) random memories from our wedding:

1. My bridesmaids took me out to Denny's the night before I got married. We ordered french fries and milkshakes. On the drive back to the hotel, we went down a one-way-street the wrong way. We all screamed and then laughed when we realized our mistake.

My bridesmaids, all childhood friends, Mim, Abby, and Lauren

1.5. My bridesmaids also helped me get ready on my wedding day. As Jim and I got into the elevator to head towards the temple they all started singing, "Going to the temple, and we're going to maaaaaaaried."
2. I woke up to gray skies on our wedding day. I love gray skies, but didn't want it to rain. . . at least not for the pictures. It didn't. Our wedding photos are rain free. The day was perfect.
The morning of our wedding Jim stopped by to see me before all of the festivities began.

3. My last meal as a single lady was breakfast at The Little America hotel with my family. I ate a Belgian waffle with strawberries and whipped cream. I think that's pretty much all I ate for the entire day.
My brother, Jimmy, took this photo. It's a favorite from the day.

4. We were the last couple, #47 to be exact, to get married at the SLC temple on Saturday.

Another photo of the bride.

5. The man who sealed us first name was also Leslie, but he went by his middle name, which I don't remember. His last name was Goats. The only bit of advice I remember him giving to us, was when he told us to be selfless. He said when you look at a picture, your eyes usually go to yourself first, that it's human nature to be selfish, to only look out for yourself. The real trick to a happy marriage is to live your lives for each other. It was good advice. Something I've thought of a lot the last eight years.

5.5 My dad had had back surgery a few weeks before, so he was in pain. Poor guy! I was very grateful to my parents, and all of our family who traveled so far to help celebrate our marriage.
My parents

5.7 Jim and I exited the wrong doors, so the traditional exiting-the-temple-as-man-and-wife photos were all staged!

6. Our reception was at The Lion House. I don't remember much about it, besides the key points. Our niece, Tandra sang. Jim's siblings sang. I was nervous to throw my bouquet because I didn't want it to hit the chandelier. My face hurt from smiling, but I couldn't stop.

Jim, all my cute little girl cousins, and me

7. Jim and I stayed in The Sultan's Palace room at The Anniversary Inn on our wedding night. There's an elephant in the room. We left a message in the guest book that said, "We really enjoyed staying in this room. It meant a lot to us, especially since my husband has elephantitis." We thought we were pretty funny.
Us at Disney World

8. When we got home from our Disney World honeymoon, we had no food in our apartment, except the top of our wedding cake. We were hungry, so instead of waiting a year, we ate it that night. Totally worth it!
Right after feeding each other the wedding cake

I love you Jim. Happy eight! Here's to an eternity more!!

More Hunter's first b-day and Mother's Day posts soon to come. May is a big month for us!!


Necha said...

Aww! Happy 8 Years!! Congrats!!

Boom said...

Happy Memories!

Love you!


Mary Ann Carlile said...

Happy Anniversary! I remember when you moved in to Aggie Village - well at least when Jim did and they kept saying that he was going to get married soon;) You guys were/are such a cute, fun couple!

Joni said...

I love all the pics! Congrats you 2!

Audie said...

Cute pictures! Happy Anniversary!