Saturday, May 8, 2010

It Happened

Today is Hunter's birthday. To be honest, I've been apprehensive about May 8th, 2010 all year long. May 8th means Hunter is no longer my baby. He's one. He's a toddler. I couldn't be more proud of him, or happy for him with each milestone he reaches, but at the same time there's a little pang in my heart.

I couldn't wait for Tralee to stand, crawl, walk, and talk. Then she did, and before I knew it, she turned into a three-year-old and I can hardly see the traces of the baby she was. She's a full fledged superhero princess who needs me less and less. With Hunter, although I was excited for him with each milestone he reached, I didn't push him to get there. I knew with each date of firsts we recorded in his baby book, the closer we got to completing the list, to closing the book, and saying goodbye to the baby. I know it's a cliche, but my-o-my they grow up so fast!

I woke up early this morning and couldn't sleep. It was 4am and I thought, "this time last year, I was being admitted into the hospital." It's almost 9am now and I'm thinking, "this time last year, the doctor broke my water." In another hour or so, I will be thinking, "this is when I got my epidural." When 4:58 comes around Hunter will have taken his first breath. Hunter will be one.

I love you Hunter. You are my handsome little guy. You were SUCH a good baby, and I know you're going to be a wonderful little toddler. You are a patient, sensitive, easy-going little spirit. Your smile comes easy, and your laugh is contagious. You love food, so you fit right in our family. You love your big sister, and she loves you. You're a button pusher just like your daddy; you like to get a reaction out of people. We know you're going to be super athletic just like your daddy too. You love doing pull-ups with daddy's help on his pull-up bar. You also attempt them in the tub on the handrail, and I laugh as your little bum tightens as you strain your arms. You also love balls. Basketballs, beach balls, footballs, kick balls, golf balls, it doesn't matter. If you see kids playing catch at the park, you wander over and watch them play. I believe you're thinking, "I wanna play!" When we give you a ball, you wander around with it for hours, or you like to play catch with us. You already have a pretty good arm. You understand what "uh-oh" means. Usually you say, "uh-oh" and then drop whatever you're holding. You also have the words yes, thank you, more, mama, and dada under your belt. Although, I'm not sure you know exactly when to use them. You get what you want by pointing and grunting. When I ask you what you want, you'll point your chubby little finger in the direction I should go. Your cheeks are the most kissable things I've ever planted my lips on. Your eyes are full of wonder, and music calms you down when you're fussy. You really like Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson. You're also a big fan of the Primary soundtrack. I love you so much Hunter. I know you're going to accomplish great things. Just take it easy on your mom, and try not to grow up too fast.

Here's a little video I helped Tralee make in honor of Hunter's first birthday. We don't have very much footage of Hunter's birth, like we do of Tralee's, because our video camera decided not to work when we got to the hospital to have Hunter. All we have are a few short video clips and pictures from our regular camera. So, I thought we should put them together and make a birth video for little man. I love the part where Tralee meets Hunter for the first time. Watch her face look at his foot, and then back at his face. She's amazed and proud of her baby. I'm SO thrilled I get to be their Mama!

Happy One Year Birthday Hunter!!! And many many many more to come!!!


Audie said...

Happy Birthday Hunter!!! You're the cutest little boy!

Necha said...

Aww! Happy Birthday Hunter!!! (did he get his hair cut then?)

Joni said...

Happy Birthday Hunter!! I can't wait to kiss your cheeks!!