Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mystery Solved

This post is not for those with quick gag reflexes. If you have a strong stomach. . . feel free to keep reading.

While Jim and I were eating breakfast this morning we noticed a wet spot on the other side of the kitchen table. "What's this wet spot?" Jim asked. Our table is black so I couldn't really tell what color the spot was. Jim and I moved closer to the spot and touched it to see what it felt like.

"I think it's just water from Tralee's painting stuff." Jim concluded. I didn't think it felt like water, but assumed Jim must be right since the little puddle was right next to the paint, water, and brushes we set up for Tralee the night before. I didn't really give it another thought, except to promise myself I would wipe it up when I got around to cleaning the kitchen after I showered.

I never made it back to the kitchen until lunch time. The mysterious spot was still there. "That's weird. Water should have evaporated by now." Thought I. Tralee walked into the room a few minutes later. She stood by the table, pointed at the wet spot and said, "Uh-oh! Look Mommy!" I looked and said, "I know, did you spill water?" The matter-of-fact response was, "No."

"So what is it?" I asked.

A flash of memories entered my head. I remembered Tralee running into my room far too early and waking me up by saying something a-mile-a-minute about going pee. I helped her to the toilet and she went. Her undies were a little wet (sorry if that's tmi), but sometimes that happens when she holds her bladder too long (like overnight) so I just put her in a clean pair and never gave it another thought. . . until I heard Tralee say "pee-pee" while referring to the spot on the table.

The next image I recalled was when Jim and I were putting our fingers in the mysterious spot while eating our cereal. GAG!!!!! It never occurred to us that Tralee would climb up on the table and do. . . .THAT! She's never done anything like it before. She's always deposited in the proper facility.

After realizing that the spot on the table wasn't just a bit of spilled water, I immediately cleaned it up, disinfected the table, and had a chat with my three-year-old about why she did what she did. When I started probing for answers Tralee told me that it was Doggy who peed on the table. I guess we need to work on telling the truth next. You know, after we work on proper table manners.

My days are filled with deep cleansing breaths with this girl.

Note: Tralee usually eats breakfast and lunch on the bar stools by the kitchen counter, so she was nowhere near "the spot" while Jim and I were eating breakfast. Hunter was in his high chair. Jim and I were the only lucky ones to share the table with the mystery puddle.


Audie said...


Necha said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! I knew the second I started reading this that it was pee...I knew because I am a mommy too! But I thought for sure it was the dog.

Jackie Rogers Hammond said...

That is amazing! I'm so happy I read this!

Boom said...


You need to publish your blog!

Love, Mom

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Oh my goodness! That is hilarious! Definitely a story that will be told to Tralee's boyfriends in the coming years;)

Joni said...

That little girl is always gonna keep you on your toes. Hilarious.