Saturday, May 1, 2010

Friday and Saturday

Friday I . . .

  • Finished cleaning the house (HOORAY!)
  • Had the other Jacobs family over
  • Had Audie highlight and cut my hair (love it!)
  • Hung out with other Jacobs family
  • Waved bye bye as the other Jacobs family drove off into the sunset
  • Watched a movie as a family
  • Got littles to bed
  • Snuggled on couch with hubby
  • Went to bed

Saturday I. . .

  • Went to a bridal shower for Jim's cousin
  • Watched as Jim unclogged the toilet after Tralee flushed an entire roll of toilet paper down it
  • Took a GREAT nap with Hunter while Daddy and Tralee played
  • Went out to eat with family and watched Hunter down some jello among other foods.
  • Thought to self "I should make jello more than a few times a year, Hunter really digs it."
  • Went on a family bike ride to a park to burn off some energy
  • Played at park
  • Quickly biked home when Tralee announced she had to use the potty
  • Taught Tralee the proper amount of toilet paper to use with each bathroom visit and vaguely remembered having the same conversation with my mom and dad when I was little. They both had different TP strategies. Jim and I do to. Hopefully it won't confuse Tralee.
  • Put both kids in the tub and then in their jammies
  • Went downstairs and found out Jim cleaned the kitchen and did dishes for me (swoon)
  • Drove to Walmart to use some coupons that expire tomorrow
  • Purchased four packages of snuggle dryer sheets for a total of $2.48. Without coupons I would have spent $13.92 plus tax. Love a good deal!
  • Drove home and passed a Sonic. Thought of Jim's cousin's post about how awesome sonic ice is. Wondered if I should try it some time.
  • Came home
  • Brushed my babies' teeth, read books, sang songs, said prayers, gave kisses and tucked them in
  • Layed next to Tralee until I heard her sing-song snores. She snores like a little girl.
  • Now I need to finish preparing my lesson for tomorrow's class of thirteen rambunctious nine-year-olds that do ANYTHING for attention. Teaching them is quite fun actually. A little (or a lot) frustrating at times, but mostly fun.

We had a nice few days. Hope yours were equally as lovely.


Boom said...

Nice update! Thanks!

Love, Mom

Mary Ann Carlile said...

Fun to see what you did this weekend! And for what's it's worth, Sonic ice is great! However I always have to tell them "easy ice" or else I will get my soda with it 3/4 full of ice!