Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our New Neighbors

As Jim was leaving for work the other morning, he came back inside and said, "Do you know a bird built a nest right outside our front door?" I came a-runnin' and was super excited to find a little nest. Jim wanted to get rid of it. He said up in Canada if a bird built a nest next to the house, you would just take it down and chuck it. I told him the only way he was aloud to do that, is if there weren't any eggs in it. The nest was up high, so we had to reach our camera up and over the nest to snap a picture and see if there were any eggs. Low and behold, this is the picture our camera produced:
One little blue egg! We looked around and noticed the parents to this egg were keeping a watchful eye from a tree in our front yard. I've taken the liberty of naming them Griffin and Adelaide.
Our front door has a window on it, so every time I pass, I have to check on my new feathered friends. Most of the time Adelaide is sitting on her egg. One time I looked and Griffin was feeding his wife (or maybe she's just a lady friend) a worm. I would have taken a picture, but couldn't grab my camera fast enough.

I'm super excited for when baby bird hatches! I'm thinking Percival for a boy and Felicity for a girl. Although. . . to be honest I won't know the difference between a girl and a boy baby bird so maybe we'll just go with Jr. to be safe.

Tralee likes to look at the nest too, although I don't think she can see anything from her perspective, and if I open the door the birds fly away.

Maybe I should go buy a bird feeder and hang it from the tree in our front yard. However, the other part of me thinks maybe not. That might attract more birds and more nests. It's fun to have one little nest, but Jim already thinks that's too many. He's humoring me by keeping this one, because he loves me. Also, Daddy bird needs to get out there and hunt for his family. I don't want to create lazy birds who don't hunt because I provide all the food for them. I'm actually not even sure if that's possible. But if it is, I don't want to be held responsible.

Okay. . . I'm done talking about birds for now.

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Necha said...

Awww! That's so wonderful! I am glad Jim let you keep it! I love the names!!!